Becky! You won’t believe this, I am right!  I tell you.  The Wall St. Journal say that Chinese mom is the best! See!  I tell you all along but you never believe me.  And now a very respected journal tell the world the truth, Chinese mom is the best! This lady Amy tell you the truth!  You should listen to me.  If you practice piano like I tell you, maybe you would be playing piano at Carnegie Hall.  Read this. Okay?  Call me.



Today I talk about movie

The other day I was home and I see the Golden Globe Awards.  The award part of an award show is usually boring.  The part I like is when you see all the actress in their pretty gown and the diamond.  Ooh la la.  I cannot wait for the Oscar!  That is where all the prettiest dress are.  I talk to you later.

Today I see so many show on television with babies on it.  And I want to have a baby!  I am too old to have a baby, but my daughter Becky is almost young enough to have one.  She should have a baby already!  Hint, hint.  I hope she read this message and she call me more often!

Hello!  I know I have not been making new advice video for you in a long time, but I break my video camera!  And I must find someone to fix it!

Anyway, today I try this new healthy grain from the box.  I don’t think it is the best thing I eat, but it is better than eating McDonnald.  I know everyone like cheeseburger but then you will have high cholesterol and that is not good for you!


So you should eat this.  The only thing is this one have too much sodium.  I had this today and I was very thirsty!  They should say it is salt pilaf!  Ha! I am very funny.  If I had time I would write them and tell them, too much salt!

Anyway, make sure you have vegetable today and fruit!  And hopefully I get my video camera fixed.  I will see you soon!

I have a special message for a special person.
Hello! Pay attention special person!
Also this video I make might be something everyone can relate to. Who know I give such good advice? I am even better than Dr. Phil. That man is crazy. He is very tall and he yell at everyone! He is crazy!

Happy Day for Lovers!

Happy Valentine Day!  It is a day for lover. Ooh la la.  I like to get chocolate and flower, hint, hint.  Someone should send them to me!  I also like pretty dress and diamond!  I should marry a millionaire!  Too late now.  

Anyway, here is my Valentine day advice for you.  Today is a good day to go shopping for Valentine day at the store.  Everything is half off!  Then you can save it for next year.  Remember, do not eat too many chocolate.  They will make you fat and give you pimple!  No one like pimple!  Enjoy my advice for you!

Happy New Year!

This year I make New Year Resolution!  You watch it!  It is a surprise!  I hope you have a good new year.  This year is the year of the ox.  The ox is a hard working animal, just like me!  I work very hard!